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Environmental Policy

HSQE Consultancy Group promote sustainable use of natural resources and to eliminate Environmental Pollution in all its activities and where possible, by its influence over others. Our overall mission is to carry out our undertakings to a high quality and to provide our clients with a superior service. Underpinning this philosophy is the firm belief that the delivery of a qualitative service requires active consideration of the environment and social impacts associated with our works. Higher Standards of Practice in these areas can also deliver not only to the environment, but to society and the economy.
Our vision, aims and objectives for the environment is to:
  • To operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the requirements is compliant and works in line with ISO 14001:2015 Standard. This forms part of a wider ‘IMS’ (Integrated Management System) also in line with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Standards.
  • To minimise the volume of waste deposited to landfill by avoidance of products of high volume of non-recyclable packaging and spoil, re-using and recycling materials wherever possible.
  • Pursue continual improvement in our Company Environmental Performance and achieve closer integration with Progress Management, Product Quality and Health & Safety Activities.
  • Apply responsible practices across the Business to protect and enhance the Company’s reputation and meet expectations of its Stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate how high standards of environmental performance can contribute to long term business success.
  • To deliver our vision for the Environment HSQE Consultancy Group will:
  • Comply with relevant Environmental Legislation and Standards in all our activities.
  • Work to prevent pollution, make more efficient use of natural resources and minimise emissions and waste focusing on those activities with the most significant Aspects and Impacts.
  • Set environmental objectives and monitor progress against year on year.
  • Provide suitable and sufficient Information, Instruction and Training to enable Environmental Aspects and Impacts to be Identified, Prioritised and Managed to provide opportunities to all.
  • Management from all levels are required to support our Policy commitments and to ensure that Personnel, Subcontractors and Suppliers understand and comply with the arrangements of Policy Implementation.